Homeopathy is a second largest popular most system of medicine in the world today. It has gained the reputation of treating all kinds of chronic as well as acute diseases over the globe in modern times. It has proved very effective and beneficial by its convincing results to millions of people across the world. It is becoming popular in the world because of it's simplicity with promising results and that too without any adverse effects.

It is interesting to know about homeopathy that it's medicines are prepared taking into consideration the fundamental laws of the nature. It has an ability to detoxify the body for restoring the vital energy for complete cure.

While treating any specific disease, homeopathy also takes into consideration the constitution, age, sex, race, enviromental conditions the individual characteristic symptoms along with existing pathlogical conditions to treat each person as a whole as the homeopathic medicines are dyanamic in nature, they preserve the delicacy of the human body.

Dr. Pradeep Jadhav and Dr. Priti Jadhav are practicing homeopathy for more than 40 years.

Due to busy schedule of people living in cities across the world, they do not have time for commutation physically especially in the current scenario of pandemic. so the concept of teleconsultation has become more popular. at the same time, people want quick results without undue and expensive investigations.

considering today's lifestyle and demand for treatment, Dr. jadhav has developed a unique approch of "triangular elimination system" which is proven to be very effective as homeopathy not only take into consideration the diagnosis of the disease but also consider the unique characteristic symptoms of the individual to give gentle and quick and promising relief without any hassles.

Before you start taking homeopathic treatment we request you to read our section FAQ to understand the basic concepts about homeopathic treatment to clear your doubts if any. It will help you to decide "WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE HOMEOPATHY AS A LINE OF TREATMENT TO GIVE PROPER JUSTICE TO YOUR HEALTH ?"

"HEALTH" the most important asset in human life!

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