My daughter suffered from dust allergies for last 10 years since she was 2 years old. She used to get attacks of Bronchitis very frequently, once a month or so. After hearing from different sources, we decided to take Dr. Jadhav’s treatment. I am very glad to say that during last one year of homeopathy treatment her health is improved drastically. For at least 4 months she is without any inhalers or nebulizers Homeopathy is simply superb!

I used to have thick and silky hair. Two years back during winter, my hair suddenly started falling in bunches leaving round patches on my scalp. I consulted Dermatologist who diagnosed it to be Alopicia Areata. Application of ointments, subcutaneous injections did not give much results.The patches use to reappear again and again and the round bald spots became bigger and bigger. After following Dr. Jadhav’s treatment, initially very thin golden hair started appearing in the bald areas. These hair became darker over a period of time. I am observing new hair growth in other areas too which is giving a richer hair look. It was a wonderful experience!

I was a happy woman in first four years of my married life. After my first delivery, I started getting attacks of depression and anxiety. I started becoming suspicious of my dear ones too. I used to get tantrums over small matters. I knew I have a problem with my thinking but could not help. I consulted psychiatrist and started taking antidepressants and sedatives. I used to get temporarily relief as long I was under the action of those drugs but again back to square after some time helpless about a situation with mood swings .My colleagues at the school recommended Dr. Pradeep Jadhav for alternative system of medicine. In my first visit he assured me with lot of support and initiated confidence in me. I started taking his treatment. Within a few months I have noticed a remarkable difference in my attitude towards the life. I gradually cut down on my other antidepressants. Now I am completely free from other drugs. I feel myself as a new person without any depression with positive attitude towards life. I feel Homeopathy is a blessing for patients like me.

First let me convey my sincere gratitude for saving me from a tedious operation of knee joint replacement. I was suffering from Osteoarthritis of knee joint for last 20 years. I consulted many doctors and went through many type treatments over the years. When nothing helped much to fix up my problem, the pain killer tablets used to give me relief for few hours then steroid injections and orthoscopy was done finally I was advised to undergo knee joint replacement as the knee joint was completely damaged. I was referred to Dr. Jadhav by many sources. As a last option before operation I decided to follow homeopathic treatment. The first few months of treatment tested my endurance but I continued treatment faithfully. I felt psychologically very well during the treatment and the assurance from Dr. Jadhav helped me a lot. Gradually I experienced an improvement in pain and mobility and started to walk freely with in the campus. The next x-ray showed an actual improvement in hyaline cartilages of the joint for the first time. I can feel the knee joints to be much healthier than before. Now I begin to understand how homeopathy helps every tissue in the body to reconstruct and repair itself. Now I have complete faith and confidence that by continuing his treatment I will be cured very soon.

Dr. Jadhav When I visited Your clinic at the age of 80 years I was suffering from asthma for last 40 years. I was dependent on nebulizers and Oxygen mask Inhalations. Then after I took Dr. Your medicines for 4 years, during the treatment period my condition started improving gradually. For last one year I have not taken any steroids. Now I am 84 years old and proudly say that asthma can be cured by Homeopathy at any age. God bless you.

I came to know about me having hypertension at the age of 33 by my Gynaecologist after the delivery of my third child. I was shocked and started taking treatments to keep my BP under control but it used to be always on the higher side. I was very concerned about starting the blood pressure medication at an early age in my life. I decided to explore other ways for bring it under control to avoid drugs for Hypertension. Yoga and meditation helped me to keep it under control for some time period but still my blood pressure used to be on the higher side. My intense desire to find solution to my this problem by natural medication directed me to Dr. Jadhav’s homeopathic treatment. To my satisfaction, the homeopathic medicines started working wonderfully on my blood pressure which remained within normal limits and I started feeling much better in general. Now I can climb the staircases without getting breathless.

Since last 4 years I was having difficulty in passing urine freely. I used to get irritation and burning with feeling of dissatisfaction after passing urination. Sometimes I had to wait for few minutes before passing urine. The color of urine was reddish sometimes. The reports showed enlargement of Prostrate. The Biopsy results found the presence of malignant cells and it turned out in to secondary stage of Cancer. I was told to undergo operation and chemotherapy thereafter. Before scheduling the date for operation I thought of taking Dr. Jadhav’s Homeopathy treatment. Soon after starting the treatment I found remarkable relief in passing the urination. The size of prostrate reduced considerably in second sonography report. I decided to continue with my Homeopathy treatment. After few months, they performed a second biopsy procedure. Unbelievably reports showed drastic reduction in malignant cells. Now for last 2 years, I am without any other medication. I am doing regular tests as recommended by my physician to keep a watch on this issue. I am very much impressed and convinced that nature’s law works like a magic in the initial stages of cancer.

I was suffering from Chronic Glomerular Nephritis for last 4 years. The albumin in urine used to be 3+. The creatinine level was fluctuating between 5 to 10. The blood urea was fluctuating between 50 to 80. I was loosing flesh day by day and becoming weaker and weaker. I consulted many Urologists. I was given steroids and was finally asked to undergo on dialysis treatment. Seeing the experience of my other friends who had similar problems, I was reluctant to go for it. In the meantime I decided to try Dr. Jadhav’s Homeopathic treatment. With his treatment, the creatinine and urea levels came down drastically. The albumin is now in traces. Creatinine level is 1.9. Blood urea is below 20. All this happened without steroids. The Hb level which had gone down to 6.7% has now reached above 11%. I am feeling much better. The edema on the body has considerably reduced. I don’t look as pale as before. I feel much energetic and able to work long hours in teaching profession. I am really thankful to Dr. Jadhav’s remedial approach to kidney problems.

I was used to get pains in my lower abdomen a day before my periods. The pain used to be unbearable at times compelling me to take pain relieving tables and sleep for hours wasting my 2 to 3 working days. The pain used to radiate from back to front. At times I used to get frequent headaches and ear pain as well. I tried different treatments but had no convincing relief. This problem could have affected my married life and ability to conceive. I am happy to say that after taking Dr. Jadhav’s treatment, my problem is solved completely. Now I don’t need to take any pain reliving medication.

I was getting constant buzzing sound in both ears for last six years. It used to come intermittently especially when I was in deep thoughts and under stress. It also affected my sleep. It was diagnosed as Tinnitus. There were no signs of any improvement. Finally, I consulted with Dr. Pradeep Jadhav, and started on his homeopathic treatment. Now the intensity of sound is reduced considerably and also the frequency of attacks. Now I seldom experience buzzing sound in my ears which doesn't last for not more than few minutes. I can stay with it and sleep peacefully. Thanks to Homeopathy.

Ten years back, I developed fistula in anus and it was very difficult for me to seat for long hours and work in bank. While passing stools a thin watery discharge used to come from opening of fistula. I got operated twice for the same but without many satisfactory results. Soon after I started Dr Jadhav's homeopathy treatment as per your advice I immediately felt the healing effect. After continuation of Homeopathic medications the discharge went on reducing and the wounds started drying up and eventually dried completely. Now I can sit and work for long hours regularly in the bank. Thank you for the proper guidance and the encouragement you gave during my difficult times.

Two years back, I fell on my right shoulder while playing with my daughter. The shoulder became stiff in two months time with pain in the directions upward and backward movements. Couple of weeks there after I was Not able to move my shoulder in any direction. Doctors diagnosed it to be a frozen shoulder. I took muscle relaxants which gave me temporary relief. I then took steroid injections in shoulder joints but I still didn’t get desired results. The only option left was operation. One of my neighbours, who is Homeopathic consultant, referred me to Dr. Jadhav in India. Soon after starting his treatment I felt much better and my shoulder pain reduced considerably restoring the mobility of shoulder back to normal. It’s good to see that alternative medicines are so effective and becoming more popular now a days as I see in New Zealand.

I play tennis regularly for last 15 years. Three months back I was playing local tennis tournament while returning the back hand shot, I felt a sudden jerk in my right hand wrist and developed a soft nodule at the back of the wrist. Since then I couldn’t play back hand strokes. Wrist band didn’t help me much. The nodule was diagnosed as Ganglion and I was suggested to go for an operation to remove it. I decided to pursue Dr. Jadhav’s homeopathy treatment as a last chance before operation. I am extremely pleased that with his treatment ganglion has disappeared in one month and it doesn’t hurt any more. Now I am back on my tennis ground again! I am grateful to Dr. Jadhav.

I was suffering from Osteoarthritis for past 25 years. My complaint started with knee and ankle joint at the age of 32. After few years my fingers and toes started getting swollen up and small hard nodules developed in fingers with lots of stiffness in small joints challenging my normal movements. It was diagnosed as gout. I tried different therapies and treatments to melt the nodules and relief from stiffness and pain but the problem didn’t seem improve. I had to restrict my diet too. My efficiency at work got affected. Though I was helpless but not too keen on taking any alternative system of medicine like Homeopathy but forced to start anyway as persuaded by one of my friend. And I am very glad I did. It’s unbelievable that after following Dr. Jadhav’s treatment, I started getting dark colored urine with lot of pungent smell in it. I complained Dr Jadhav about that after couple of weeks surprisingly swelling in the joints started disappearing by reduction in stiffness and size in the nodules of Gout pain in the joints is almost gone. At last I am totally relieved. Now I came to know what actual healing really means as it should always be in Gout.

Dr. Jadhav, many thanks to give me a satisfactory solution to my hair falling problem. My problem started six years ago when I was 22 years old. Baldness is hereditary in our family. I pursued different kinds of treatments, but had no positive effect. Then I consulted you and your advice was to stop the application of hair oils and apply minimum herbal shampoo on scalp and gave me your homeopathic medicines. My hair falling problem is reduced drastically. The hair roots seem to be much stronger now. And I am observing a new hair growth in the bald areas and my hair has become thicker. It’s entirely a new experience to me. Thanks to Homeopathy.

I suffered from the first heart attack at the age 58. After coronary angiography there was a severe blockage in major arteries immediately Angioplasty was performed. After 2 years in spite of taking blood thinners and statins, I met with second massive heart attack out of four blockages two were 100 percent and I had to undergo bypass surgery. I was put on routine medications for the next three years. During that time, I was feeling general cardiac distress and anxiety. I was referred to Dr. Jadhav by many friends who had similar problems and now feeling better. I started his treatment and I really felt the difference. My cardiac distress is vanished and there is no anxiety in my heart. No I can walk miles without getting tired.

I was getting recurrent attacks of Rheumatic fever which started when I was 22 years old. The high fever ranging from 102 to 104 would last for 10 to 12 days followed by pain in fingers and toes. Every time I was recommended a high dose of antibiotics once a month. The fever used to subside but after five years, I started becoming breathless even after walking for five minutes. I was advised to do 2D Echo cardiogram and diagnosed as Rheumatic Heart Disease with mitral valve prolapsed. An operation was recommended. As an alternative I looked at Homeopathy treatment. After starting treatment, my old symptoms of Rheumatic fever reappeared with pain in the major joints but I felt a great relief in my cardiac symptoms. After a few more months, the tendency to get recurrent rheumatic attacks reduced with slight pain in small joints. I was assured from time to time by Dr. Jadhav that the problem of Rheumatic Heart disease is driven out from within outwards which is not a matter of worry. Surprising now I don’t feel breathless and 2 D Echo reports are normal. I am quite convinced about the theory of direction of cure in Homeopathy as per the nature’s laws.

Two years back I developed a red patch on my right ribs with intense burning and pain. The patch latter on turned in to grayish white watery eruption. It used to give me a lot of trouble at night. It was diagnosed as herpes simplex. I tried different therapies but the problem would reappear again after some time with intense burning. I was recommended to take Homeopathy for this and suggested Dr. Jadhav’s name by many people. After taking his homeopathy medicines my condition is cured almost completely. The scar has also reduced considerably. Now rarely I get slight pain on the same spots but it’s not that intense as before.

My 20 years old son was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. He was obese and anaemic. He often used to get constipation. He was then put on thyroid supplement and we were told that he has to take it for life time. His TSH level was 50 After starting Dr. Jadhav’s treatment, his dependence on hormonal supplements went on reducing. Now he is free from hormones based medications and his TSH levels are 3.6 as within normal range. His weight has reduced and he has become much more active than before.

A sudden loss of my father 2 years back, affected me in every aspect of life. Since then I had trouble in falling asleep as my mind used to remain active throughout the night. I lost my weight and started looking pale. Black circles developed round the eyes and I used to be very irritable by nature. I was put on sleeping medication. I was afraid of taking sleeping medication for a long time with fear of side effects and dependency. Good experience about Homeopathy by some of my friends on the similar issues led me to Dr. Jadhav’s treatment. I became immediately happy when the treatment showed positive results. I decided to stick with it and now I am completely without any sleeping medication and having a good night sleep and increase in my confidence level too. Thanks.

Due to my extensive touring job, I had a bad stomach infection 10 years back. Since then I had digestive problems and loose motions with griping stomach aches. The diagnosis was irritable bowel syndrome. I kept on loosing weight. And my food habits became very restrictive on bland diet. After taking Dr. Jadhav’s homeopathic medicines, I am now able to digest the food well and loose motion problem is resolved too. No stomach aches. My weight is back to normal.

I used to get migraine attacks for last 13 years. It used to come in daytime with no warning and subside by the evening. It affected right side of my head most of the time and sometimes the left side. I tried many doctors but nothing helped much and I was helpless but to accept the problem and live with it. I read in a news article about how Homeopathy works on different difficult cases of migraines, and decided to take Dr. Jadhav’s Homeopathy treatment. Right from the beginning of the treatment, to my surprise, the problem is gone for good! It’s amazing, it works!

I conceived first time when I was 23 years old. Unfortunately I miscarried in my third trimester. In the next five years I conceived 2 more times, but went through miscarriages, in spite of taking good care of myself and following every recommendation from doctors. We were recommended Dr. Jadhav by many people who had similar problems and were helped by homeopathy treatment. I took Dr. Jadhav’s homeopathy medicines before conception and followed through until delivery. I had a normal delivery. My daughter is healthy child and one year now. Thanks to Dr. Jadhav for giving me motherhood.

My son had a problem of frequent bleeding from the nose. His nose used to bleed while playing if somebody even touches slightly. With Dr. Jadhav’s treatment his bleeding tendency stopped completely. Thanks.

I am running a gymnasium in Borivali (West) Mumbai for last 25 years. Twelve years back while doing weight lifting, I felt a cracking sound in my back followed by slight pain at times. The pain went on increasing gradually and I was unable to continue with my weight training program. I consulted with orthopaedic surgeon. He asked me to do M.R. I. and diagnosed it as compression with slipped disk. I was suggested an operation which was going affect the weight training program in future. Second opinion of one of my orthopaedic consultant friends referred me to Dr. Jadhav for Homeopathic consultation. After starting his treatment, the pain and discomfort in back vanished completely within few months. The tests showed positive changes and I was able to continue my weight training program. For 10 years, I don’t have any traces of pain. I have referred so many of my students to Dr. Jadhav for various orthopaedic problems during weight training with satisfactory and convincing results.

I was suffering from bleeding piles for 12 years. My nature of work, sedentary life style worsened the problem. I was operated twice, but suffering continued. Ointments, laxatives used to give me a temporary relief. After I started homeopathy treatment from Dr. Jadhav, my suffering has reduced. Bulging of Piles has shrunken without any bleeding. I can even eat spicy food now.

I had a problem of discharge between the periods. After tests they found a Cervical Polyp. I went through the treatment of local applications and also did cauterization. But my problem kept on recurring. In order to seek for permanent relief, I started taking Dr. Jadhav’s homeopathy treatment. I have not developed a new polyp since then and my old ones are also dissolved completely and other gynaecological problems have also reduced considerably.

I used to have a difficulty in breathing and sensation of some kind of lump in the left nostrils. It turned out to be a nasal polyp. I was advised to do for an operation. There was no guarantee that the polyp wouldn’t reappear again. I decided to try alternative system of medicine. By taking Dr. Jadhav’s treatment for the polyp is melted completely and now I am able to breathe freely. I am very happy mention that I didn’t have to go for surgery.

Since last 2 years, I was getting difficulty in passing urine. I had to wait for long time. The flow was very thin too. After passing urine, there was no sense of completion. I had to often for passing urination. I consulted with urologist who diagnosed the enlargement of prostrate. My PSA was on higher side. In spite of undergoing regular dilatation of urinary passage using catheterization, my problem remained same. Finally, I was told to go for an operation. At that time I made up my mind to go for other potions, I consulted with Dr. Jadhav. After taking his medicines for couple of months, now I have no problem while passing urine. My PSA is within normal limits. I am much happier than before because now I don't have to get up in between from my uninterrupted sleep for eight hours.

I was suffering from Psoriasis for last 12 years. It started with a rash which used to persist on body for few days. I was given an ointment by my family doctor. After few months, I started getting eruptions in folds of my skin. The dermatologist diagnosed it as eczema. My skin eruptions went on increasing day by day. After few years, even ointments were unable to suppress. Steroids gave temporary relief. Finally it was diagnosed as psoriasis. I was told to take simple food and avoid stress which I found difficult to practice. I consulted Dr. Jadhav for this. After taking Homeopathic medicines, the scaling became thinner and thinner. The itching reduced considerably. Finally only dark patches remained on body without any eruptions or itching. Now they are also fainting gradually. It is amazing that my belief about psoriasis that it is incurable proved wrong by Homeopathy.

I have a long sitting job which led me to the sciatica problem. I was suffering from sciatica for 10 years. I am very thankful to Dr. Jadhav for treating me. My sciatica problem is gone forever. Since then I have referred at least twenty of my friends, colleagues and all of them are cured too. I recommend homeopathy strongly for people suffering from the problems due to long sitting jobs.

I had been suffering from the sinusitis for last 10 years. I had to sneeze a lot especially in the morning hours. I had facial inflammation and pain. I went through sinus puncture three times which used to gave only temporary relief for few months but and the whole problem would repeat again and again. I was using decongestants, antihistamines and antibiotics regularly. After starting Dr. Jadhav’s treatment, initially for 2 months or so I got lots of sneezing and discharge from my nose. But surprisingly after some time there were no more attacks of sneezing. I am able to breathe through my nostrils freely without the help of any decongestants. It’s simply unbelievable!

I am a software consultant. One day 16 years back, all of a sudden, I got the first attack of spondilytis with sharp pain on left side of neck and shoulder. Since then I pursued every sort of treatment but didn’t get much relief. I couldn’t work on computer for more than 3 to 4 hours a day and I got professionally affected. I came to know about Dr. Jadhav from my friends and consulted him. Believe it or not, since the day I started Homeopathic Treatment, I have been feeling much better than before. The neck and shoulder pain has stopped completely. Now I can work on computer for long hours. I am back in business! Thanks to Homeopathy!

My daughter had a tendency to get styles very often. Ointments, drops helped temporarily but after few days the sties would reappear again. After taking Dr. Jadhav’s homeopathy treatment the sty problem has disappeared once for all.

My son is now 10 years old. He was getting frequent attacks of tonsillitis for last 6 years. Whenever he got tonsillitis attack, he was getting high fever up to 103, Fahrenheit. The attacks were followed by sinus infections, snoring. There were white greenish patches on the tonsils. His attacks became so frequent that we were advised to go for tonsillectomy operation. That’s why I approached Dr. Jadhav to explore other options. After starting homeopathic treatment with Dr. Jadhav, the recurrence of attacks went down substantially and the intensity of attacks was not as severe as before. Now, he hardly gets any tonsillitis attack, the size of tonsils has also reduced. I think he has responded very well to homeopathy and feeling much better than before. Now he eats everything and keeping good health in all seasons of the year.

I had a tendency to get nauseous and vomiting feeling with giddiness during long journey by car. I had this problem since childhood. I am very glad to mention that this problem has completely gone by Dr. Jadhav’s homeopathic treatment within couple of months.

An unusual problem started all of a sudden when I was travelling in a car to Oklahoma City in winter season. It started with shooting pain in my ears and jaws. I felt like I got a big jolt of electric current passing from right ear to right jaw. Since then this episode kept recurring once a week or so. Pain killers didn’t help me much leaving me in miserable condition. It was diagnosed as Trigeminal Neuralgia. I am very fortunate to come across Dr. Jadhav’s name in this type of treatments. His homeopathy treatment has reduced the frequency and intensity of my attacks. I have regained my confidence and feel more secured mentally. I am without any other medication for last 2 months. Thanks to Dr. Jadhav for bringing back light into my life.

I was suffering from Urticaria for last 15 years. I tried many things but didn’t get cured. After starting treatment with Dr. Jadhav, initially the rashes increased and spread in more areas. I was afraid by this aggravation. But after consulting with Dr. Jadhav, I understood the theory of cure from within outwards and allowing the rashes to come out to full extent. I stayed persistent on the course. Now my rashes have completely vanished without leaving a single trace. I can eat all the fried food which was producing allergy on my body before. It seems that my allergy problem is cured and completely rooted out.

I started getting white patches on my face when I was eight years old. The ointments and sun radiation therapy didn’t produce any desired results. Now I am 20 years old. My patches were growing day by day. I decided to consult Dr. Jadhav and took homeopathic medicines. Amazingly, my patches started shrinking for the first time. Dotted brown pigments have also started developing inside patches. I am feeling more hopeful and feel that I am on the right path of treatment.

Dear Dr. Jadhav, this is just to inform you that the warts on the back of my neck has completely disappeared with your treatment which I followed last year. Before that I got it cauterized twice but it had reappeared with bigger size. Your homeopathic medicines were very effective.

I had a tendency to get recurrent mouth ulcers for last 5 years. My family doctor used to give me Folic Acid and Vitamin C tables and lotions for external application. Initially I used to get relief from it but after couple of years it stopped to giving me soothing effects. I tried to change my food habits and started taking sufficient sleep but there wasn't any noticeable change in my complaint. One of my office colleagues told me that this tendency to get Mouth Ulcers will go only by Homeopathy. After taking Dr Jadhav's medicines I got immediate solution to this troublesome complaint.

I was worried about recurrent worm infections (Round Worms) to my 10 years old son for last 2 years. In spite of his good appetite he was looking pale and loosing weight. He used to get tired after coming from school. I consulted family doctor in our area recommended to go for stool test . The report was showing the larvae and eggs of Round Worms he prescribed Albendezol tablets, for first 15 days he showed signs of improvement but then again back to square. Something was needed not only to destroy the worms but to remove the tendency to form the same. After taking homeopathic medicines by Dr. Jadhav I got the desired results. Homeopathy has worked for him in getting rid of worms and building his body mass up to my expectations. I will always recommend Homeopathy for this health issue In children.

I never knew that Dandruff is the internal problem of skin metabolism of the skull and can only be treated by internal medications as explained by Dr Jadhav before starting his treatment and I am totally convinced by his opinion. I tried so many shampoos and hair oils to get rid of my dandruff problem but nothing helped except confusion and frustration. Thanks for Dr Jadhav's remedial approach to this problem.

I am working as a technician in Orlando Florida. Four years back while testing Frisbee rides I suddenly felt giddy and nauseous feels with perspiration, immediately I rushed to our attending physician for quick consultation. I was told after investigations that everything sounds okay and symptomatic relievers were given. I was okay for few weeks but there after same story repeated and I was told to consult a neurologist. After investigations in details it was diagnosed as Vertigo. The recommended medicines gave me some relief for two months but I was never comfortable with that treatment. The fear always used to remain. A friend of mine from India suggested Dr Jadhav's online treatment. After taking Homeopathy not only I got relief from my symptoms but there was overall feeling of wellness which I never experienced before. I will strongly suggest Homeopathy for this problem.

I used to get white discharge in between my periods. I tried with many Gynaecologists to settle the issue as it was quite embarrassing and interfering with my day to day life. I used to experience lot of fatigue at the end of the day. I was also getting leg pains and backache after the discharges. After taking online Homeopathy treatment by Dr Pradeep Jadhav I am much relieved from this problem. I appreciate the remedial approach of Homeopathy for these problems of mine.

My 15 years old son Aarav was suffering from Bedwetting since his birth. We tried with various medicines to fix up the issue but no satisfactory results. We never tried with Homeopathy treatment with Dr Jadhav who is practicing adjacent to our residence complex. To my surprise his 15 years complaint of bed wetting stopped completely with in a months treatment. To me it's a miracle!

I am 58 years old working as a store kipper in one of the reputed mall in Dubai. At the age of 49 years I noticed swelling on my feet. After a couple of months bluish purplish patches started appeared on my ankle joints paining especially when I was standing more than half hour and at night. My family physician diagnosed it as Varicose Veins occurred mainly due to my standing job in store. I was told to give up the standing job which was not possible. The pain killers didn't help much and condition started worsening day by day. My sister suggested to go for Homeopathy treatment from Dr Jadhav in India. His 6 months treatment put me right on track. Now I can comfortably stand for 2 hours and do my store keepers job. Homeopathy is really helpful for this problem.

I was suffering from acidity with burning in stomach especially half an hour after eating food. Initially because I was getting relief from antacid syrups and tables given by my local physician. I pulled on for one and half year and didn't pay much attention due to my busy schedule as a lawyer. One day after getting up from the sleep I started getting terrible headache with nausea and vomiting. I thought it may be due to disturbed sleep on that particular day. After a couple of weeks the same symptoms reoccurred then repeatedly after 4 to 5 days. I decided to consult a reputed Gastroenterologist in Marine Lines. Fortunately my all blood reports came normal. Finally he did Gastro copy and diagnosed my problem as Gastritis. In spite of diagnosis I was never comfortable with his treatment. I tried Ayurvedic treatment as well but no relief. My husband's Migraine was cured by Dr. Jadhav's Homeopathy treatment 5 years back so I decided to consult him and really it worked in my case as well. I don't suffer from hyper acidity anymore.

I was suffering from Painful Corns in both the heels. I was applying corn caps which used to give me temporary relief. I got operated twice for the same but new corns used to develop on the same spots restricting my movements. My brother in law's sister in Austin TX was taking Dr Jadhav's online Homeopathy treatment. After consultation and medicines of his online Homeopathic treatment the pain in heels disappeared and corns dissolved completely. Amazing!

I was tired of taking treatments for Acne on my face from well known dermatologists in Mumbai. My college mates suggested me to consult Dr Jadhav's treatment at Matunga. He didn't give me anything to apply on face which was surprising to me as all the previous treatments were based mainly on external applications on facial skin but he emphasized on his oral medications only. Now my Acnes have disappeared completely. Hats off to remedial approach in Homeopathy for Acne.

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